Connecting you to your creative core …

Depositphotos_10667169_s-2015Whether it is through my writing or my life coaching, I want you to feel the joy of tapping into your gifts, challenge your thinking about what your life can be, and put you into action on all of it.

More specifically, I want you to understand and be able to convey what is compelling about your story. How do your unique experiences and interests make you a standout job candidate, entrepreneur or employer? What is it about your particular background and world view that sets you apart? How do your skills translate to a whole new career path? I will extract your story from you in ways that will make your interviews and correspondence more powerful because you will be more clear about your life narrative.

The way I see it, there is no reason to just get by in any area of your life. Why would you? On the contrary, I want you to live large — pay attention, gain knowledge, enrich your senses, and kick up your heels. I want you to incorporate what you love into your life. Doesn’t that sound delightful? Plus, a joyful you means you’ll be a better employee/employer, spouse, partner, sibling, parent and friend.

This is my philosophy, the drumbeat behind everything I do:

  • Live meaningfully
  • Manifest abundance
  • Be kind
  • Prioritize health
  • Appreciate beauty
  • Love well
  • Be open
  • Savor moments
  • Nurture spirit
  • Build intellect
  • Extract lessons
  • Create freely

One of my favorite words is mudita – a Sanskrit term meaning rejoicing in others’ good fortune or delighting in others’ well-being – because I revel in the success of my readers and my clients. I live an abundant life, mindful of its physical, intellectual and spiritual components, and want everyone to know that feeling.

I invite you to click around the site, become acquainted with me and my work, and see how I’ve partnered with others to help them live better lives. If, above all, you’re seeking balance and purpose, gratifying work and creative play, vibrant health and nurtured spirit, you’ve come to the right place.

Take the next step and contact me for a consultation. You won’t regret it.