Senior Memoir

Lots of services have sprouted up for senior citizens who want to tell their stories via memoir. I’ve facilitated one of those since 2016. But what about those who have no interest in putting pen to page themselves? Do their stories fall through the cracks?

They don’t have to. In a venture that combines my experience in and passion for memoir, writing, and interacting with seniors, you can hire me to write these stories for your family. I will interview your loved ones and compellingly tell their story.

β‡’ Is it about a great romance?

β‡’ Is it about fortitude or tragedy in war?

β‡’ Perhaps it’s the story of a family business or how your mother or grandmother was the first woman in her family to go to college.

I’m offering you an opportunity to provide the writing prompts and I will take it from there. Here are the levels of storytelling you can purchase:

πŸ“–The Story (1 story) — $1,200

πŸ“–The Series (3 stories) — $3,000

πŸ“–The Life (book manuscript) — starts at $10,000

I will also tailor the service to your needs.

Kindly note this isn’t a formulaic exercise. It’s an immersive, custom experience. A gift and future family heirloom.

(Writing samples provided upon request.)