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Let me help you tell your story

It seems like everyone is encouraging us to tell our story in relation to our business – speeches, web copy, articles. But so often we haven’t a clue what’s interesting or compelling about our lives. We’re too busy living them.

And then, once we embark on the exercise, the questions come tumbling out – How much should I reveal? Do I have to be vulnerable? Is this bit about me unusual? Will people relate?

I would love to assist you with the answers to these and more.

There are a lot of professional writers and coaches in the world. The ones who choose me often do so because something about me or my life experiences speaks to them. Maybe they aspire to write and they know I will relate to their challenges. Perhaps it’s an urban sensibility or an Italian-American one. It could be that I’m about their age or they know I’ve reinvented myself after a layoff. Some might say it’s my spiritual side or emotional intelligence that draws clients and makes them feel we might be a fit.

Put another way, I’ve never had a client who listed where I graduated from, what awards I’ve won or what organizations I belong to as reasons to work with me. They don’t generally want what amounts to a verbal resume.

Instead, it comes down to affinity in one way or another. If we share ourselves, we are creating opportunities for connection. Logically, it follows that if we share little, if all a prospective client or customer knows is our list of qualifications, what distinguishes us from all the people with the same basic credentials?

The answer is our story. But first we have to know how to tell it. Sometimes we’re just too close to our own story to understand what makes it interesting to others.

I would love to help facilitate that for you. I’ve been interviewing people as a journalist for over 25 years and drawing out people as a professional coach for over a decade. It gives me great joy to learn how a person got from A to B, how their life changing idea was born and why they do what they do. Here is the feedback I received from one of my recent profile subjects:

I very much appreciate you taking the time to learn about me, and share in such an amazing way. You really took in a lot, and distilled it down to a wonderful picture. I would not have thought it possible.

But it is possible. And simple. I adore doing it.

How it works

~ We have a phone consultation where we determine your needs and I get a sense of how best to meet them.
~ We connect for a 30- to 60-minute telephone interview and also gather any other resources you might have (resume, existing bio, etc.).
~ I deliver a narrative, or story, that puts your background in context with your identity. Put another way, it combines who you are with what you do.
~ The fee includes one set of edits as well as first-person and third-person versions of the story.

Fee: $1,200

Contact me to set up an appointment or for more on how to tailor this service to your needs.

(I also coach clients in their own writing paths in a monthly plan called Become an Unfettered Writer.)