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Thank you profoundly. I’m so thrilled that somebody gets what I’m trying to do and that you responded. It was a bright light in my day to see that.
Oprah Winfrey

re: my column on 'Oprah's Lifeclass' on OWN

It’s good that you’re doing the work you’re doing. I bet you’re a demon at it.


Julia Cameron

Author, The Artist's Way , during an interview in New York City

I really love the piece! It’s super creative and very different from a typical interview write up. Thanks so much.

Clara Bensen

Author, No Baggage, re: a profile I wrote on her

As a trained journalist, I began my career writing articles and columns for a newspaper. In the new media landscape, I’ve blossomed into a blogger, author, and freelance writer whose work includes profiles and essays for major media outlets and for select premier brands.

It also gives me pleasure to bring my interviewing skills to clients who are seeking ways to tell their story with depth and substance, be it for web copy or perhaps a speech. I excel in capturing the essence of my subjects and thrive on the challenge of bringing them alive on the page.

life coaching
Life Coaching
You blink and a year has gone by. Then another. And another. Your almost-finished novel is in a drawer. You haven’t picked up your guitar in years. Heck, do you even know where it is? The drawing class hasn’t happened. Neither has the photography course. The job is sapping you of energy and enthusiasm. It all starts to feel like an erosion of your soul, doesn’t it?

There’s another way. Let me help you usher in change. We’ll create goals, tap into what lights you up, and put an emphasis on meaningful living.



Aside from facilitating writing programs for senior citizens for over a decade, I have also been teaching The Artist’s Way, based on the book by Julia Cameron, since 2002. The book is billed “a course in discovering and recovering your creative self.” As a journalist, I have interviewed its author twice and taken workshops with her in New York City.

This course is for you if you are feeling stifled or stuck in your life or you simply want to shake things up and share the journey in an intimate, reflective atmosphere. I fully credit this course with energizing me and getting me back in touch with my writing many years ago.