Good intentions

In the last 24 hours I’ve put out three intentions, prayers if you will, in my morning pages. All three were answered within the span of a few hours.I love how that works.

My prepared mind

When we were assigned to write a limerick in sixth grade, mine included a reference to France. OK, I’ll even share it:There was an old lady from FranceWho needed to know how to danceShe twisted and turnedBut never learnedUntil she put ants in her pants.I took...


It’s been a pondering kind of weekend. I’m not sure why. But thoughts have been racing through my head like crazy. All over the place.Tomorrow I will be still. My spirit deserves it.


A little too much wine last night. So rare that I skip a blogging day.Today I head out of town, Erica Kane book in tow. (See “Special Delivery” post from a few days ago.) It brings me to a place where Pine Valley is real, the fictional people I watched...

Special delivery

So I get a postcard in my mailbox last Friday telling me there’s a package waiting for me at the post office. I couldn’t get there right away and then I forgot about it until this morning. So I strolled over there on my way to the gym and the clerk handed...