I feel refreshed and rejuvenated today. I had one of those productive, sort of spiritual days that included a great workout, coffee and journaling at the waterfront, three massive loads of laundry at the laundromat, cleaning the bathroom, grocery shopping, catching up...


I feel physically exhausted today. I feel wrung out emotionally. It’s just one of those weary days.A good night’s sleep will do wonders. Maybe a trip to the gym in the morning. Some coffee. The New York Times.Sounds like heaven.


Today I mailed a survey I received from the Friends of Hillary. I was moved to fill it out thoughtfully. I’ve been nearly numb on politics, mostly because I have felt helpless watching this administration make one misguided decision after another for years....


My brother sent this to me today. He knows me so well. It made my day. I cannot do it justice. Please read it — it’s a commencement speech by Steve Jobs:http://news-service.stanford.edu/news/2005/june15/jobs-061505.htmlThanks, John.

The net

I spent the evening with a friend who mentioned one of my favorite quotes:Leap and the net will appear.If my life is any indication, it will appear again and again and again. People provide nets. Circumstances provide nets. Open-mindedness provides nets.I am leaping...