Window on the world

You wouldn’t think something as simple as moving an air conditioner from one window to another could make a whole apartment feel more open and airy, but it’s true. With a little help from Windex.I was having a new air conditioner put in and I decided as...


Two new life coaching clients this week. One more fabulous than the next. Accomplished, smart, ambitious women. Big career goals. Change is afoot.This feeds me.

Almost fall

Here’s how I know I’m ready to break out the fall clothes. I took six pairs of shoes and/or boots to a shoemaker this week. A nice polish, some new lifts and it’s all good. Denim mules, patent leather flats et al.I love this time of year, closing...

World news

I have always found a steadiness in CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour. Her report called “In The Footsteps of bin Laden” is fascinating. What a stark reminder of what we knew and didn’t take seriously enough.It is a kind of sinister beyond my...


Every so often in life something stuns us so profoundly that it forces us to look at ourselves very closely.Today I was forced to examine my actions and intentions in a very specific situation.I am at peace about what is at my core.