Super cook

Rachael Ray is the American dream.I’m watching Larry King Live and marveling at how even, gregarious and humble she is. This is a person who can “hold” success. Perhaps it’s because she never sought fame or fortune or anything close to what she...

Blissful solitude

Today I had brunch with a friend. She’s one of those people who enjoys her solitude immensely. We are kindred spirits in that way, among others. We bond on that.I am so heavily drawn to people who get it, who are comfortable in solitude, crave it even.How...


Where did the day go?Bank, gym, grocery store, shoemaker, dry cleaner, coffee with a friend, drug store, impromptu movie screening in Manhattan.Presto. Day gone.But so much order.How very satisfying.


I saw a friend steeped in his art tonight. He’s an actor. What fun to see him on stage, complete with accent and humor.So delightful.

Chiming in

I left a cafe after a really good life coaching session with a client this evening. Decided to pick up some groceries. As I walked the two blocks, I heard a beautiful sound. It was a wind chime. The more I walked, the louder it got. I kept looking up at the windows of...