Act as if, baby

Frustration changed to laughter at some point this week as I listened to pundits talk about how Barack Obama — running around the Middle East and Europe — should stop acting like he’s president. What a hoot. This trip is all about an age-old approach...

The retirement question

Something about reading The New York Times story on Si Newhouse last Sunday sparked me to write about retirement in today’s Game Plan column — Thinking Twice About Retirement. I have, in my lifetime, drawn a paycheck from Newhouse (when I worked for The...

Pinch me

Three dynamic life coaching sessions today. Just an amazing feeling to come away knowing clients are making progress in tangible ways. It’s heady, really.

Positive approach

Just started reading Authentic Happiness by Martin E. P. Seligman, Ph.D. He had me at this: For every one hundred journal articles [in the field of psychology] on sadness, there is only one on happiness.