Two days after meeting with [Nancy], I broke through my three-month long bout of writer’s block, finished my novel a month later and scored a book and film deal six weeks after that. Publishing my book changed my entire life! I can’t believe I was going to give up! And I shiver to think what would have happened if I hadn’t had Nancy to put me back on the right track.

Life coach sessions with Nancy truly opened my eyes to a new view of the world. They made me realize that reaching goals is way more attainable than you may think. Writing down baby steps and actions toward the goals each week gave me focus and direction. I can honestly say I’ve fully reached the career goals we set for the 12 week period.

— Freida Orange, Sikelia Productions

Working with Nancy was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. She was a pleasure to meet with, and full of support and good ideas. She would help me take the germ of a thought and flesh it out to make it a reality. My “homework” was always thought-provoking and highly enlightening. Within weeks of finishing our work together I had accomplished all of my goals, including two not so small ones — a great career move and buying my first home! The 12 weeks I worked with Nancy were a true pleasure and I would recommend her to anyone I know who is looking to make positive change in their life.

— Mary Beth Thomas, Vice President, Director of Client Services, Harper Collins

You helped me set my own goals and then to reshape them as I realized in talking with you which parts didn’t fit.  You helped me adopt measuring tools that were comfortable, like time frame, dollar amounts, and numbers of clients.  On occasion it seemed the goal was met almost as soon as you helped me identify it … One of my favorite things about working with you is that every time we talk I come away feeling higher.  I could begin a session feeling too tired and too empty to participate and by the end, feel ready to take on my world.  You have so helped in shortening the time (and the angst) from there to here and from here to my next horizon … I recruited you to hold me accountable to myself and you’ve done that magnificently.  What a gift you are to the world!

— Lois, attorney/coach

Just a note of thanks for facilitating a successful focus group! Your input and insight brought the group discussion to a level that will enable us to develop programs that enable business owners to build, grow and sustain.

— Yvonne B. Thevenot, Assistant Vice President of Small Business Financial Services, JP Morgan Chase

The concert was amazing … I received a standing ovation after my solo performance … [it] was a dream come true … The “baby steps” you helped guide me through have made dramatic changes in my life and I am ever so grateful to you for leading the way … thank you.

–Albert, singer/songwriter

Nancy’s life coaching helped to set me on the right path and made me realize that I controlled my own destiny. No more wobbling or vacillating for me. It was time and money well spent.

–Dave, Graduate Student in Library Sciences

Nancy’s combination of professionalism and basic humanity enabled me to find the freedom and confidence to unlock the creativity I’d been longing to express … With [her] expert coaching and feedback, [my] first draft rapidly evolved into one of the best pieces of written work I had ever produced … I’d highly recommend Nancy as a coach to anyone struggling with a writing project, whether it’s a personal essay or a full-length novel. She will draw out of you the highest quality of work you are capable of producing.

— Julie, International Affairs Student

I am so excited to tell you that our work together last year has finally paid off! I just learned that my Belize article was finally published.

— Jennifer, marketing consultant/writer

[W]hat I’ve accomplished is too long to list. At the end of the first 12 weeks alone, I had realized three lifetime goals … I highly recommend reaching out for the support of a quality life coach like Nancy to get you on the fast track to realizing your dreams. It’s the best “first step” you can take.

— Mary, management consultant/writer

Through your support, I was able to discipline myself and build momentum to pursue various goals – i.e., finding a flexible and satisfying work arrangement, writing a book about my friendships, creating a music trivia game. I’m now well on my way to achieving my goals.

— John, writer/web producer

You are not going to believe this. I got myself a writing gig … You made me see where I could go and just how far. Thank you, thank you, thank you … You have taught me how to live to my full potential and in my eyes, that makes a great coach.

— Michelle, nurse/entrepreneur/writer

Having you as my coach was fantastic. You are smart, focused and full of creative ideas. I love the fact that you also teach The Artist’s Way. Your insights were perfectly targeted to my creative goals and your exercises helped me make HUGE breakthroughs.

— Teri, musician/life coach

Nancy, you have this amazing gift. You are just really, really good at this and I would recommend you to anyone.

— Monica, art therapy student

I appreciate your insights and the perspective you bring. I loved the idea of giving myself rewards. It was very motivational. Being coached by you was an overall wonderful experience.

— Selena, administrative assistant

I liked your gentle, rewarding approach without being wishy washy at all. Most of all I liked your creative spirit.

— Chuck, artist

Thank you so much. This really crystallized for me what I need to do to move my life forward.