I was having a conversation with a friend this evening and we started talking about trying to focus on more than one major thing in our lives at a time. Of course it brought to mind for me the two major ways I make a living — writing and life coaching — and how sometimes it’s difficult to decide which one should get most of my time in any given week. So it hits me: really everything is about the coaching.

I’m coaching clients. I’m facilitating discussion groups, which taps into my coaching skills, i.e. listening, giving feedback, clarifying. I’m teaching a writing class called “Discovering Writing” which is essentially coaching my students in their artistic expression. I’m writing this blog and its content is certainly derived from my coaching mindset and experiences. I’m writing a book which heavily draws on my coaching skill set. I’m developing a community project that is coaching-based.

The bottom line? It’s really all one thing. Call it a mind game, but somehow that makes it feel more doable, less segmented. No need to pick between door #1 or door #2. All the goodies are in one accessible compartment.

I can just open it up and dive in.