It’s my birthday. I went to the gym this morning and told that to the woman who works there. I then challenged her to guess my age. Pathetic attempt to boost my ego, I know. But it worked. She guessed 35 to 38. I smiled and told her I’m 43. Yeeha.

Funny thing about the gym. I used to take the day off from working out because it was my birthday. Now I go to the gym because it is my birthday. Interesting shift.

Then I wrote my morning pages. They were very meditative today (that’s not always the case). I decided on my present to me: I will do everything in my power to be true to me, to attract abundance of every kind, to give to others in creative and loving ways.

As always, I strive to stay inspired and motivated to fulfill my life’s purpose. This week I seem to be getting a heavy dose of inspiration from a television show — The Actor’s Studio. I just love hearing success stories. Barbra Streisand talked about all the naysayers around her when she started out. It was hard work and determination (well, OK, there was some talent involved) that made her who she is today. Then there’s John Travolta. He’s always been confident and discriminant and he talked a lot about “due diligence.” Now the Bravo network is showing the coming attractions for this weekend and the guest is Morgan Freeman. In one clip, he talks about how close he came to quitting but then “the dark turned to light.” Fabulous!

Work hard. Stay the course. Have faith. I can handle that.