I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationship with money. It’s complicated. Prior to becoming self-employed, I worked for “the man” and did pretty well. I bought shoes, traveled and went out to dinner. I gave good gifts.

Now it’s different. I’m on a path that calls for sacrifice in the short term in order to see the fruits of my labor in the long term. It’s testing my patience. It’s making me look closely at things like how much I spend on coffee. Yuck.

And yet it is strangely liberating to know exactly where I am and where I need to be. My big financial picture, so to speak. And the deeper effects are unquestionable. I no longer require shopping as a quick emotional fix. I am making a concerted effort to embody spiritual principles around all types of abundance. It feels really good.

I should add that the support in varying degrees from family, friends and acquaintances has been tremendously gratifying. I feel very loved. It is proof that the universe finds ways to support your dream.

You simply have to ask.