So I’m on the treadmill at the gym today. There’s a decorating show on the TV closest to me. I’m cool with that since I love seeing rooms redesigned (unless it’s Trading Spaces, which for some reason annoys me, but I digress).

So the hosts rework a very nice living room and make it go from good to great (their words). Near the end, one host says there are fun ways to make your room look more “lived in.” I’m with him so far. Then he names them:

1. If you have a beautiful chess set on display, have it set up so it appears there is a rigorous game happening.

2. Open the songbook on the piano to a family favorite as if someone was just belting out a tune.

3. Put an open book on the end table to evoke a feeling someone was just there reading.

Huh????? Is this guy for real?????

Here’s an idea. Actually play chess, use your piano and read a freakin’ book. Is that really a novel concept? Living without pretense, facade? Am I reading too much into this? I think not.

I understand decorating will often have an element of camouflage or disguising flaws. But what of this trend of making things look distressed? A few things here and there, OK. But how about actually displaying something with authentic old charm? Why the guise of character? Why not actual character?

Think about it.