What a disturbing experience I had earlier today. I’m very happy and thankful to be in my nice, warm home ending it on a very high note.

I had a telephone consultation with someone (an aspiring life coach) who decided that her right to express freely should supersede things like professionalism, finishing what you start, and learning about yourself through goal-setting. She ended our session abruptly, saying she could see having me for a friend but we wouldn’t be able to work together because we both talk too much. Well, truth be told, I like to talk. But in the context of a consultation I’m not inclined to do much of it. However, this woman asked me some things about myself. We had established a comfortable rapport. I shared a personal experience that related to a goal we were setting for her. We were way ahead of schedule in the hour-long session. I stood there looking at my phone in disbelief after we hung up.

I think it’s a safe bet I dodged a bullet there.