I had a vivid dream last night. It was so disturbing. I went to bed at about 2 a.m. and fell asleep almost immediately. I must have started dreaming right away:

There was a man trying to climb in my window. I live on the first floor, but my windows are high enough off the ground where someone would need a ladder or boost of some kind to reach. He tried and gave up. Then he came back. Tried again. Couldn’t get in. Then someone else tried. There were several in a row. They were relentless. They couldn’t get in. I saw them and picked up the phone to call the police. I tried information and got the wrong number. I tried to look it up myself and couldn’t find it. I tried to call “0” and have them put me through. Nothing worked. I heard something by my apartment door. I got up to look. The door was wide open. That’s when I noticed the bathroom door was closed over — someone was hiding in there. I ran out the front door and closed it behind me. I held the knob to keep the intruder inside. I held it very tightly.

Suddenly I woke up with a start. It was 2:44 a.m. I hadn’t even been sleeping that long. I got up, checked the locks on my front door and jammed a wooden stick above the window frame.

It was chilling. I slept soundly. I wonder what it all means.