I left the house for my networking meeting at 6:20 this morning. It’s about a 12-block walk, one which I enjoy most weeks. This morning there was a light spritzing of rain, but the temperature was 47 so it was really pleasant to stroll, even if it was still dark.

As I passed the bus stops every other block and saw all the “suits” waiting to board, I thought about how much I would hate that kind of work schedule every day. There was a time when I thought people who were up and out and productive that early were accomplishing more than me or that they were more diligent. No longer.

Funny what self-employment makes you realize. I’ve always been a night person and often I’m doing my best work at 11 p.m. To each his own and all that jazz.

Once I reached my meeting, I greeted the first person there with a comment about how great the 50-degree weather has been. He said, “It’s not going to last.”

I laughed.

“I consider it a bonus. It is January after all,” I replied as I hung up my trenchcoat.

What I wanted to say:

“Come on, baby. Live in the moment, will ya?”

It would have been so much more fun that way.