Last night I facilitated a discussion titled “What Are You Manifesting?” at a cafe in the West Village. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately so I thought it might be interesting to get different points of view on it. I figured there might be some polarization, which would make it all the more interesting.

What actually happened was illuminating to me. People seemed to get mired in a “victim” aspect of manifestation. In other words, if you believe that you create your life and are responsible for every single thing that happens in it, that can be kind of daunting. So the conversation turned into a citing of things we cannot control in our lives, of how manifestation can only go so far. While that’s a valid piece of the discussion, I felt it went on too long.

So I attempted to switch gears. What about the empowerment aspect of manifestation? If the theory goes you are responsible for putting yourself in a bad or even dire situation, that can evoke anger and frustration. But then you can transform that into something powerful. You can turn it around and make it work for you. Isn’t it empowering to know you are the person with the power to lift yourself out of that same situation? People seemed to have a hard time staying on track with that.

To me, that’s the best part about it. If I’m in a place where I’m ready to manifest big things, then I’m going to make it happen. How great is that?

Pretty darned great, I’d say.