Rather than try to recreate the post that just got lost because I failed to save it and my computer froze, I’m scrapping it. Ha. How’s that for petulant? Or is it some kind of “wasn’t meant to be” mentality taking over?


So instead I’m going to write about the little walk I just took to Dunkin Donuts. I was craving some coffee (decaf at this hour). I sent an IM to a friend who’s frenetically working on his apartment asking if he was perchance craving some DD beverage. He didn’t want to break his flow, so I offered to get him some chai and drop it off. He was delighted and, frankly, skeptical. Why was I being so nice? (Scary, right? Another post for another day).

So off I went. Two whole blocks. It’s unseasonably warm here, so it was pleasant enough. I order the beverages. The donuts are calling, which is rare for me, so I decide to indulge the sweet tooth with two Munchkins. Jelly ones. The guy smiles and loads the bag with a bunch, then doesn’t charge me. I don’t have the heart to tell him his kind gesture is defeating the purpose of my getting Munchkins instead of a whole donut. So I take them home and enjoy every last one. (Didn’t want to tempt the hardworking friend, who’s watching his sugar intake these days).

The moral of the story? I love urban life.