Today I found an affirmation I wrote last summer. I had been reading it twice a day for months. I’m not sure when I stopped. Here’s how it reads:

I will carry out actions each day that will contribute to my goal of growth, of enlarging myself in the deepest, most profound sense, so I may fully become one with my destiny of greatness.

I believe I found it this first week of the year for a reason, so I’ve decided to recommit to it as my daily affirmation, or at least one of them. I always have at least one about abundance, too.

I find affirmations so grounding and empowering now. But I confess that wasn’t always the case. I used to scoff at them, frankly. Now that I know how to use them, now that I’m more open about almost everything, I can’t believe I ever thought otherwise.

How affirming.