I’m working with senior citizens three days a week and I’m finding it stimulating and sometimes amusing. They are alternately sweet and feisty and ornery and stubburn and witty. What a hoot.

What I love is that they come to the center to keep active, be it physically or mentally or socially. Then can discuss the events in the Middle East, play bridge, do dancercize, watch a movie, take voice, listen to a lecture or try their hand at watercolors. I like listening to them whether they’re voicing a concern, making a helpful suggestion or just plain griping.

It seems I’ve found a home, even if it’s just for a while. I keep telling my new friends there that they’re stuck with me for about six weeks. It makes them laugh. Today I told one guy it’ll be time for me to leave just when he’s fallen in love with me.

It might be the other way around.