Have you seen those new ads for Dove’s latest hair product? There are poster ads all over the subway of Wilma Flintstone on one and Jane Jetson on another. We see them with their classic hairdo and then next to it is how they look with their hair down. Oooh la la. The cartoon ladies let it all hang out. The slogan says, “Unstick your style.”

I found that particularly apt today upon returning from Manhattan. I went to church and then embarked on what author Julia Cameron calls an artist date. The idea is to take your inner artist out for a fresh dose of energy, creativity and inspiration. I could have joined friends going to a movie, but I was being pulled in another direction. It was so clear.

Let me backtrack a bit. A very wise man told me some weeks ago that I was wearing my attitude about money like an old coat that doesn’t fit me anymore. That has stuck with me day after day. It’s such a strong metaphor. One day this week I was writing my morning pages (another Julia Cameron tool) and an idea came pouring out of the pen. Wouldn’t it be a bold statement to literally go buy a new coat? I mean, I love my green DKNY jacket but it has seen better days and it is a bit drab. Plus, given my big revelation in yesterday’s post that I’ve shrunk my body down a bit, it seemed like a nice way to celebrate.

Fast forward to today. I walked down Fifth Ave. from the Plaza to Lord & Taylor. It was exhilarating. I was equipped with a gift card I had received at Christmas. I went in there with an open mind. Would it be a winter coat? A fresh spring trench? Let the coat find you, Nancy.

I took the escalator to the sixth floor and stepped off with anticipation. There were beautiful long coats, classics, but I already have a richly cut, long black Tse coat from Saks. I was looking for something more sassy or whimsical. I kept gravitating to the black ones. Nicely shaped, but oh so safe. Wasn’t that the mindset I was trying to shed?

Then I found this cute little Kenneth Cole jacket. It was duck down but not puffy. (I was trying to show off my shape, not add to it!) I tried it on. It came in several colors. I tried on the black. Wow. Great fit. Short. Practical. Oops. Stop right there. Practical? Hmmmmm. I looked around and saw that it came in pink. Now what is sassier than pink?

Two older women were trying on some Calvin Klein jackets next to me. They saw me take off the black one and put on the pink and they both started telling me in broken English that the pink was a must. That was it. I brought it to the register, where the woman in front of me proceeded to hand me her 20 percent off coupon out of the goodness of her heart. I walked out of that store feeling like a million bucks.

When I got home, I went to my scarf drawer to see what I might have to match. I nearly gasped when I saw this scarf I have never worn. My mother got it for Christmas and didn’t feel she’d get use out of it so she gave it to me. It’s pink, red and white striped fleece. Yes, the pink matches. But it gets better. I dug to the bottom of the drawer and found a pair of gloves I haven’t worn for years. They’re in pristine shape and they’re red!

I’m starting to sound like a loon now, right? Well, baby, I’ll be a well-dressed one at that.

Unstick your style. I highly recommend it.