I just had one of those creative experiences in the kitchen. I’m not one to cook often and when I do it’s not usually fancy or involved. But today I was in the mood to “throw” something together using ingredients in my cupboard and refrigerator. In other words, more like Rachael Ray than Martha Stewart.

So I put extra virgin olive oil, a can of minced clams, fresh mushrooms, garlic, a splash of white wine and lots of spices from the cabinet and let it simmer. I boiled some whole wheat angel hair, tossed it all together, added some fresh parmesan and, let me tell you, had a party in my mouth.

It’s amazing how proud I feel when cooking something that simple. I think it’s because it’s an occasional creative outlet and I don’t expect big things from it. It’s not like when I write and get a tad perfectionist. It’s more like a hobby.

A really delicious one.