I didn’t plan it this way, but today has turned out to be a highly introspective day. Between a class I’m taking and a class I’m teaching, I found myself delving into my “stuff” an awful lot as I prepped my homework assignments.

Sometimes I feel like all this self-improvement can be tedious. But that usually gives way to a better state of mind, one of understanding and ultimately joy. I like knowing why I behave a certain way so I can be mindful for next time. I like giving thought to a particularly strong reaction I’ve had to something and getting to the heart of it. It comes so naturally to me. (Nice attribute for a life coach, I’d venture to say.)

So, today’s insights in a nutshell? I have a lot of fear! It must be worked through. Also, I love how this quote aligns with my God concept: “… a collective of higher forces moving us toward our highest good.”

Hmmmmm … nice.