I wrote my morning pages on the PATH train this morning. I was scrunched between two people reading newspapers. I blocked out everything around me. Suddenly I realized the guy to my right was not reading his newspaper at all. He was reading my notebook as I wrote.

All kinds of mischievous things ran through my head. I had thoughts of fabricating an S&M adventure. Or a tirade of curse words. Or simply writing, “The guy next to me is snooping as I write this.”

But I resisted all of that, instead getting a chuckle at what he really was reading. I was writing about faith in self and how it’s too often fleeting. I was ruminating yet again on the quote I wrote about in a previous post: “God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.” I just love that.

Maybe the guy thought I was a flake. Maybe I was passing on valuable information to someone who needed a dose of spiritual inspiration.

I’ll never know.