Sundays have become a treasure. I begin the day with immersion of spirit in a service that feels celebratory and inspirational. Today’s message — beautifully and passionately delivered — was about preparing yourself to “give birth” or be ready for that which you want to create. It was about the connection of the emotional and physical.

In addition to the actual message, I can’t help but be blown away by the messenger each and every week. This woman kicks some serious butt when she works a room. And, make no mistake about it, she works that room. What an engaging, gifted minister she is.

Then I get to top it all off by spending the afternoon with friends, discussing the message, usually walking around a Manhattan neighborhood or sitting in a cafe. Today we went to SoHo and just wandered and window shopped. I tried on a pair of sleek black pumps and it felt fine. A whole different kind of spiritual.

What a tone I’ve set for my week. Each and every week. Good for me.