I had one of those ideal self-employment days today. Slept until 7:45, went to the gym, sat in a cafe with a big cup of coffee and wrote my morning pages. Came home, ate breakfast, checked email, took a shower and left for the city for a life coaching appointment in Chelsea.

The client was late, which gave me a chance to make a phone call and jot down some notes about group coaching. After the coaching session, which crackled with good energy, I strolled over to 14th Street to see a space where I might do some group sessions. What a fabulous vibe! Much like the room I checked out in Hoboken last weekend, it had lots of light streaming in and such a positive overall feel. I instantly connected with Rachael, who showed me around and told me she loved “my mission.”

I left there feeling light and cheerful and excited by the prospect of filling the room. I decided to head back to Hoboken using my former “commute” route — Hudson Street in The Village. I love that section of the city. I thought about my book and what direction I might take it in when I sat down to write later in the day. As I stepped off the curb to cross the street, I found a feather. I’ve said it so many times — every time I find a feather at my feet I hear the words, “Write, Nancy, write.” I had to smile.

I stopped to pick up a few groceries on the way home and the produce guy told me to hold off on buying the cherry tomatoes because they’d be on sale tomorrow. Nice to be a regular customer. Once I came home, had lunch and checked email again, it was time to take the laptop to a local cafe to meet with clients, write the book, and even squeeze in some coffee and conversation with a friend and fellow entrepreneur.

My time, my terms, my life. Yeeha.