Today I had one of those moments of self-doubt regarding self-employment. These are (thankfully) far outnumbered by moments of exhilaration and determination, but when they hit, they hit hard.

So I asked for a sign. You know, something telling me what a fantabulous, inspirational coach I am and how I should keep on truckin’. And so the mailman delivered it into my mailbox. It was a letter from a guy named Mike.

Nearly two years ago Mike and I met for a coaching consultation, but he couldn’t swing the fee to hire me. He’s a photographer who lives a simple life so he can be in his art. So he wrote me this week to tell me he had applied for a Guggenheim fellowship (a $37,000 award), but had just received the rejection letter.

“But … the first money that I was going to spend was hiring you,” he wrote. “Now … no money and no clarity. But my gratitude to the cosmos for what I have been blessed to ‘see’ is unending.”

I feel blessed as well. There is magic in coaching.