Writing my book has started to get exciting from more than just an idea standpoint. I’m fired up by the things that transpire daily that I have incorporated in and the things that I keep remembering to add from the past.

But what’s truly been a breakthrough is the imaginative aspect of writing it. You see, I’ve always been a journalist and my fiction writing has reflected that. I’m very seasoned at chronicling or recreating things that happen in front of my eyes. What’s tricky for me is taking it to that imaginative place, the place where Stephen King (to use an extreme example) and J.K. Rowling (to use another extreme example) seem very comfortable going in their writing.

So the fact that I’ve been slowly going outside the box is big stuff. When you find yourself wondering if you’ve gone a little bit too far with a scenario, you know you’re on to something. You have to walk the plank, feel somewhat precarious, or you’re not really extending yourself, right?

I’m out there. Let’s see what happens!