Almost every day in my existence as a life coach, I preach the virtues of baby steps. So simple in theory, yet not always easy to execute. Today I took a nice, steady step.

I have been receiving all kinds of (divine?) signs that group coaching is a good idea, the way to go in my practice right now. Aside from designing how it would work, an obvious missing piece was the space in which to conduct the group sessions. Today I found one!

Thanks to a tip from a friend, I checked out the warehouse that has been converted into lofts here in Hoboken. There is a woman who conducts yoga, dance and children’s classes in a three-room setup that is just spectacular. The room I’m interested in has light streaming in through the windows, which line an entire wall. There are lots of plants on the window sills and I love that Dina, the woman who runs the joint, showed me a beautiful flower that she had nurtured to life after finding it curbside. Good vibe all around.

Now it’s time to fill it with clients. Another baby step. And then another …