Today at the senior center, I was researching potential speakers for some upcoming events. One was the amazing photographer Chester Higgins. I was checking out his website and found this gem in his Q&A section:

Spirituality, the basis of religious belief, informs my work. The spirit authors all existence. With the camera, I see myself as a rendering instrument for the spirit. I believe everything that is, exists at the pleasure of the spirit. I prefer to appreciate the nurturing presence of the spirit in people and in our surroundings.

One look at his beautiful work is a testament to those words. Each photo tells a poignant story.

The more I work towards living the life I was meant to live, the more drawn I am to people who are doing the same. Synchronously, my brother sent me an email yesterday with a top 10 list from the premier issue of SLY magazine. Sylvester Stallone had this among his tips for life:

Study people’s success stories hard. Study their failures even harder.

I love that. I live that.