I teach a class called Discovering Writing for the adult education program at the local high school. Tonight was our first class this semester, so as an in-class assignment I told the students to pretend they’re a car and write from that point of view. I like to do it right along with them, just to stay sharp. Plus it’s fun. Here’s mine:

I have to be a red Corvette convertible. Is that cliche? I don’t care. I’m slick, I’m fast, I get lots of attention. I’m rolling down the Pacific Coast Highway and the top is down. Oh Lord, this really is cliche. But what’s better than this breeze, this sun, this sky, this endless water lapping the shore? Right now, nothing. I have classic rock ‘n roll blaring out of my speakers. Eddie Van Halen is making the guitar do magical things as I wind around a sharp curve. I am in such control. I slow down, then speed up like it’s a big game. I left Carmel a while ago and I’m heading to Santa Barbara. I never tire of this trip. It’s what I was made for. I am smooth and shiny, glistening in all that sunlight. I can’t get enough. I roll and roll. I’m a force. I’m unstoppable. Stay out of my way. I was born to dazzle.

Hmmmmm. What could a shrink do with that?????