On the very day I’ve experienced an extraordinary victory on my spiritual path, a new pope was chosen. This is so ironic.

I left the Catholic church in the wake of the priest scandal. It was really just a formality, a last straw. I had been disconnected from it for a long time. In the meantime, I found my way to a New Thought church and it is clearly a much better fit. So it was with a bit of distance that I heard earlier in the day the announcement of the new conservative hardliner that will be ruling the Catholic church. If I hadn’t left already, this would have sent me running for the hills.

Tonight was the 11th in a 12-week course I’m taking at the Sacred Center for Spiritual Living. We did an in-class exercise that required writing a letter to God and then writing a response, all stream of consciousness. It was a wonderful touchstone for me, a chance to see how far I’ve come and how all my hard work has paid off. I’m in awe of how vibrant I feel and how connected to spirit in a profound way.

That’s my reason for celebrating today.