I needed to vent about life this evening. So I called my mother. Let’s just say I had a hunch and my fingers dialed her number as soon as I walked in the door after work.

“You know what it is, Nan? You think you need to be happy every minute of every day,” she said after my little rant. She said it just like it was a throwaway line. Man, did it make me think.

Here’s the thing. She’s right. I do think that. And, honestly, I like that I think that. I believe it’s a terrific attitude to have in life. However, I knew she was alluding to another shade of meaning. In other words, “Relax, babe, you’re just experiencing a moment. Truly, it’s a blip in time. You’ll be happy again in no time.”

So right, Mom. So, so right. Deep breath. Thank you.