I can’t help myself. I just get the biggest kick out of Madonna sometimes. In today’s New York Post, there’s a photo spread basically touting the story on Madonna in the August issue of Vogue. In one full-page picture, she’s snuggled in bed with her two children. It’s a striking photo. But that’s not what’s giving me a kick.

The print on the bedding — sheets, comforter, even the headboard — is replications of pages of a London newspaper. I love that Madonna surrounds herself so deliciously with what most celebrities might agree is the best and worst thing about being famous — the press. Ha. She just stares it down. Again and again.

The woman stopped at nothing to get her music heard. No topic was off limits in her songs, not even the Catholic Church. No act seemed outside the box. She just continues to push the envelope, even in small ways like posing with a mouse or incorporating the press into her home decor.

Simply delightful.