I went to the salon for a pedicure today. While my toes were under the dryer, the woman at the next dryer struck up a conversation. A third woman joined in. It was about how we dislike that part of the process, the waiting.

“I have absolutely no patience for it,” I said with a laugh. “That’s why I don’t get a manicure.”

“I hate just sitting here,” the woman next to me said.

“I’m with you,” the third woman said.

I couldn’t help but comment on how pathetic we sounded and what a reflection it was on American society. We all laughed.

I thought about it later and wondered, were our lives so chock full of important things that we couldn’t sit still for 15 minutes? Shouldn’t we be coveting time to open a book or magazine or perhaps just meditate? Or even people watch?

Hmmmm. Maybe a manicure is in my near future after all.