I had one of the worst allergy attacks of my life today. Best I can trace it to is the very dusty construction happening on our floor at work. We decided to open the doors and windows today because it was so nice outside. But it seems that opened the door to the dust. Next thing I knew, my eyes were itchy and watery and my runny nose began. By lunchtime it was a full-fledged allergy attack with rampant, hard-core sneezing.

Despite shutting the door and turning on the air conditioning, the problem just escalated. My nose became red from blowing it, my eyes were glazed over and my makeup was virtually non-existent. In between, I worked and accomplished a remarkable amount of tasks.

Still, my boss knew I was to begin a class at NYU tonight and told me not to go. I was determined to try, but by 4:30 I knew she was right. No way. Especially after I took a look in the mirror and saw my wreck of a face.

I came home, had chicken soup and lots of fruit. I cranked up the air conditioning. I popped some Sudafed. Here I sit with drippy red nose. Gross.

What does it all mean? Why today? Call me crazy, but it feels like there’s a bigger reason for the timing of this. We’ll see.