Let’s call this Really Cool Research Day. Oh man. So much work needed to be done on my book with regard to details and broad overview. I have spent a delightful afternoon writing and researching plot, character and other neat intricacies.

I am immersed. My ideas are good and increasingly clear. My plotline makes more sense. I am being more real in my writing.

The research took me on one of those incomparable Google journeys. Try it sometime. Start looking up some word or title or person and then see where it takes you. I can’t believe I’ve been sitting in the same cafe for hours when my computer has taken me to a sitcom from the 1960s, to a little-known actress from the late 19th century, to a Virginia Woolf classic, to the history and meaning of flowers, to a smart summary of super heroes, to a multi-layered thesaurus search.

I am in a world of my own creation. What a nice respite.