I’m about to begin writing. I’ve got the decent table in the crowded cafe. My well-worn copy of A Room of One’s Own is sitting here with me for inspiration. My coffee is fresh.

I’m thinking about the people who make all this possible. My brother for the computer setup with the Wifi card. The manager here who just gave me the coffee for free. The friend who told me I must read the Virginia Woolf classic that has inspired my book so. The people who have inspired my characters, who I have come to love. The friend who just read a piece of my book despite my trepidation and wrote back an email with LOVED IT in the subject line. The friend who got me the “day” job and made financial peace possible.

And then there is the friend and life coach who pushed me to a breakthrough idea this week. What was a little germ of a thought voiced out loud to her became a hell of an idea for my book. We had some back and forth on it and next thing I knew I was soaring high as a kite. I love this. I must go execute it.

Stay tuned.