It’s that time of year to buy a calendar for my appointments and such. I’ve been using a desk-size one the last few years and it feels too cumbersome to me now. Yet I want one big enough to accommodate all my coaching appointments and social commitments. This is a big decision for me.

I mean, I’m the type of person who makes buying a book of stamps a process. I bought a book today and I had a whole dialogue with the postal clerk about the purchase. “I love my country, but I’m sick of flags on my mail. How about flowers or something artsy?” I said. He painstakingly checked his inventory and found me stamps called New Mexico Rio Grande Blankets. They’re gorgeous. I was so grateful he told me I made his day.

But I digress. I was talking to a friend about buying an appointment book and she said she needed to really sit with the options before making a decision. I concurred. But then I found myself in a cafe with a life coaching client and trying to put our next appointment in the book, which will be in January. I had to squeeze it into a little space at the back of my 2005 book. I knew that wouldn’t do.

So then I found myself in a stationery store and the clerk was showing me all the merits of this new, very affordable Filofax organizer. It’s bright red. I just happen to have a shiny red pen and lead pencil set that would fit nicely into the pen loops. So much for “sitting with my options.” This just felt right. It’s classy and practical and feels good in the hand. It’s like I’m taking myself seriously.

All that from a calendar.