I have always been an ambitious sort. So driven. So purposeful. Very directed in my work while staying open to new and interesting things. It’s one of my qualities I’m most proud of.

But lately some things — I’ll call them signs — have taken my ambition up a notch or two or three. Strange how it sometimes creeps up on you but other times just suddenly surrounds you and yells it in your face. I had a lightbulb moment today that, coupled with some other revelations the past two weeks, made me really see. And then another amusing sign showed itself this evening on a random (?) TV program.

It’s one of those directives that comes out of the often elusive (at least for me) stillness and the willingness to listen to it. You’re not going to hear this big stuff over incessant chatter. No siree.

I stopped. I listened. I heard.

I’m intrigued. I’m driven. I’m ready.

Yeeha. I love my own ambition. Scary, isn’t it?