Today a minister told a story of unknowingly going to a black tie affair in khaki pants and a sweater at a lush Fifth Avenue penthouse. After hiding himself in a corner at the beginning of the party, he decided he needed to be present and mingle and engage in the fabulous people and the amazing banquet before him. Soon it was as if the clothes issue disappeared and he wound up enjoying himself immensely.

The lesson, of course, is that we need not wait until we think we are properly attired, successful enough, thin enough, schooled enough, spiritual enough to get in the game. It’s inviting us and it’s up to us to accept the invitation. We hold ourselves back for scores of reasons. But the key is, we hold ourselves back.

Boy, did this resonate with me on a lot of fronts. I am in the game. I have put myself there. I don’t need a better handbag or a perfectly maintained house to be more qualified to participate in life. I can do that now.

I am. And so it is.