The Sopranos this season. What to say? So good. The characters are so well-drawn. The drama is riveting. The scenes that are likely not supposed to be funny are making me laugh out loud, something I attribute to being an Italian from New Jersey. Mob stuff aside, I’ve seen it all before. The whiners, the attention stealers, the sweet facade with the hypocrisy underneath, the hospital vigils, the obsession with food, the guilt, the blaming, the stress. All in the name of family. And somehow it’s a hoot to watch.

Last night’s episode alone, I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite scene. But I’d probably go with Paulie Walnuts — after pointedly being told by Meadow to stay positive while talking to comatose Tony — talking about his own ass aches so incessantly that he puts Tony into cardiac arrest. TV drama? Hardly. I know people capable of that.

That’s entertainment.