Today I’m wondering:

— How in the world America got to the place where people need a “side” of breadsticks with their extra-cheese pizza. Could we have any more doughy carbs in one sitting?

— How the Vatican thinks it’s beneficial to encourage the boycott of a movie that — oh horror of horrors — expresses an alternate viewpoint. The DaVinci Code is threatening to Catholicism? Mamma mia, guys. Take a chill pill. It’s thought-provoking entertainment. You have now assured that every Catholic on the planet — you know, all those people not using birth control — will flock to the flick. Duh.

— How I’m ever going to get enough sleep on Sunday nights now that I know Medium is on Lifetime at 11 p.m. Man, is that compelling. In last night’s episode she saw murders taking place seven years from now. Fascinating.

Just wondering. That’s all for now.