I excitedly went shopping to buy my 3-year-old niece clothes for her birthday. I was quickly jolted into the reality that I would have many more choices if I wanted to contribute to making her a spoiled, over-indulged brat. It was nearly impossible to find an item of clothing that didn’t say “Princess” or “I always get my way.” One after another. Ad nauseum.

What kind of girls are we raising in this generation? Can’t an aunt find a nice sweatsuit or a denim jacket that’s not weighed down by embellishments? And how much do I sound like my mother right now? Yikes.

In an unrelated but somehow connected (in my mind) moment today, I read this quote in a pullout section of O magazine:

Isaac Mizrahi once told me that a lady never, ever wears pantyhose. Even if it’s snowing and twenty degrees outside. — Candace Bushnell

I dig Isaac. I dig the quote. I take solace in the fact that my mother would hate it.