So I’m watching an Oprah rerun today. This young guy from the Chicago area had felt compelled to do something active in the wake of Katrina, so he collected donations of goods and clothing. Then he realized in order to get them there he’d have to load up a van and go to the Gulf Coast, but he couldn’t afford it.

But alas, as a lifelong White Sox fan he had two World Series tickets, so he sold them to get the money he needed to deliver the goods. A wonderful, heartwarming story of selfless giving, I’m thinking. It lands him on Oprah.

Oprah calls him onstage and says she has a surprise. The next thing you know, two players from the White Sox come out and present him with: a jersey with his name on it, tickets to the All-Star Game, a trip to spring training, season tickets and an award for his good deed. The guy was just blown away. I cried like a baby.

Now that’s some serious karma.