So I have devoured the special fashion issues of Vogue, Bazaar and Elle with glee. I’ve studied proportion and color and texture and silhouettes. I so enjoy seeing how I can wisely update my wardrobe, resuscitate a long-dormant item, give something old a new twist. There is a creativity and freshness about crafting a fall wardrobe.

I think the spirit of it is perfectly captured in a new Gap commercial. It’s Audrey Hepburn in her classic black “skinny” pants, in a dance scene from Funny Face. Only they’ve replaced the sound track with AC/DC. It’s a clever way to say skinny pants are back in style.

There is something more than surface to all of this. It’s a chance to reinvent oneself, as the outside reflects what’s within.

Yep, I’m ready for sweaters and jackets.