Another dating prospect. He seems fun and deep, a winning combination. And then he asks the question that stops me short: What do you think of Halloween, New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July?

Oh God. How is it possible that he has mentioned three things that, if I answer honestly (and, well, that’s the idea), I will look like a major stick in the mud? Halloween? Keep it. New Year’s Eve? Ideally me, a great guy, a fireplace. Fourth of July? I turned away invitations and chilled out and loved having the day off. Didn’t witness a single firework.

So this brings me to The Universe. What is the message here? I need more fun in my life, perhaps? Maybe it’s supposed to test my openness, my willingness to compromise. I am intrigued. I like a man who knows who he is and finds a unique way to express it.

I am intrigued. We shall see.