I couldn’t resist sitting outside at a waterfront restaurant and ordering some lunch today. It was one of those perfect weather days. At the next table were three women, ranging from about 50 to 60, and a guy, maybe 25 years old. Their conversation was so lively that eavesdropping came naturally.

After telling lots of stories around the table, the topic turned to Hoboken. The guy, apparently a Hoboken resident, was pointing out all the great features of the waterfront to his mother and her friends. Then one of the women said, “I thought about moving to Hoboken at one time, but then I realized the average age was about 32 and I thought, who will I talk to about psoriasis and arthritis?”

Oh my God. It hit me on a whole different level why Hoboken was a natural place for me to settle in. The median age is, in fact, about 34 and I have been asked on a few occasions how I can stand it. I find it delightful. Who the heck wants to talk about psoriasis and arthritis?

One of my dear friends recently marveled at the fact that I skip over the health articles in magazines and have little desire to obsess over them like most of the over-40 women she knows. I feel there are too many things in life I’d rather be doing than reading information I may never need. If a symptom presents itself, I deal with it. Simple.

Hoboken fits nicely into that way of being. How cool is it that I manifested a young and vibrant town before I really understood why it was such a good match?

Good work by me.