More on the dating prospect from an earlier post (See ‘Masks, champagne, fireworks’ from July 24).

It seems not only was I not exuberant enough about Halloween, New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July, my not-so-enthused response to “How do you feel about Hershey and Disney?” didn’t go over well either. I said I really couldn’t imagine revolving a whole vacation around an amusement park, but I do believe one has to compromise in a relationship. So, as long as Italy, Spain and France were in the mix, too, I could live with that. He promptly closed the connection.

Now, in my original post, I thought The Universe was possibly telling me to open up to more fun in my life. That may well be true but I don’t think that was the big picture message. It’s more about not abandoning who I am and what I enjoy. Compromise is good, but really, can I imagine spending any of my hard-earned money on a contrived theme park when there are places like Tuscany awaiting me?

Uh, no.

This man was strong enough in his sense of self to put out there some things that were really important to him, things that said a lot about how he sees life. That’s admirable. I can learn from that.